Fast Ways to Eat More Fiber

Eating fiber-rich vegetables should be part of every meal. You can easily incorporate more of these vegetables into your diet by adding them to your favorite foods. Try adding vegetables to pasta to increase your vegetable intake. Many fruits and vegetables have edible skin. Wash them thoroughly before eating to avoid residue. Buy organic vegetables for maximum fiber content. You can also add more vegetables to your salads or pasta. Aim to add at least ten grams of fiber to your diet every day.

Whole grains

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more fiber into your diet is to make sure you choose whole grain varieties whenever possible. While most supermarkets sell these products, look for organic, non-GMO, or minimally processed varieties. These grains are better for your digestive tract because they do not contain the genetic modifications that cause problems for your gut health. Also, look for those grains that are grown without using any pesticides or other forms of chemicals.


Beans and lentils are high-fiber plant foods that can be a tasty replacement for meat or poultry in many dishes. They can also be used as mashed dips, spreads, and salad ingredients. These versatile foods are also rich in vitamin B and iron. Read on for more fast ways to eat more fiber from legumes. Read on to discover what else these foods can do for you! Here are three quick tips to increase your fiber intake!

Fruit salads

Fruit salads are fast ways to eat the recommended daily allowance of fiber. Apples, which are low in calories and high in fiber, go well with practically anything. They are a staple in any green salad with nuts and cheese. Apples are also delicious on their own and with nut butter, so it’s impossible not to eat them! One medium apple provides about 4 grams of fiber.


One of the simplest ways to get more fiber from beans is to add them to soups and stews. A small cup can easily be consumed for a snack, and canned beans can be served plain or sauteed with vegetables. Beans can also be added to salads. They also add nutrient density and flavor to salads. The best way to eat beans is to incorporate them into your diet regularly.

Canned soup

Soup is a convenient way to increase your daily vegetable intake without sacrificing flavor. In addition to hiding greens from picky eaters, soups can be a fast way to increase fiber intake. Most greens are soft and blend in well with the soup, while tougher ones keep their shape while weaker ones fade into the background. Soups with at least three vegetables in them are most nutritious, but sodium and sugar levels can be problematic.